Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still Life Oil Painting Original of Red and Yellow Onions by Cheryl Ratcliff

"Onion Trio"
Oil on board


 Searing Tears
 Erupting From my depths
 Repressed emotion
 That will on longer lie Dormant


 Bittersweet Tears
 Finding the fissures Of my shell

 For loneliness
 For heartache
 For loss
 and failure
 Because of cruelty and indifference

 Because of beauty
 For hope and longing
 Because of gentleness
 For sweet success

 Anguish And Love
 Running down my face
Never am I more alive
 Than when I



Susan said...

Great job, Cheryl.

Charles said...

Your paintings are always so beautiful and real looking, thank you